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3rd December 2019 - Young Person's Forum

Captains and Vice-captains from Biggar High School

Our meeting on 3 December was the annual Open Forum with the Captains and Vice Captains from Biggar High School. We were joined this year by Captains Connor Reid and Jenny Leech, and Vice Captains Katie Gray and Grace Smillie, who were welcomed by the President, Alastair Pate. After introducing themselves and explaining their roles in the school, the four answered a wide range of questions from the audience. We learned how they organised the Annual Charity Week, which this year raised over 1500 for Suicide Awareness. We asked about their plans after leaving school, and they explained how they planned to approach improving communication between different year groups. In the light of the imminent General Election, we discussed the use of social media and the lowering of the voting age, as well as the use of mobile phones and computers in school. We also discussed recycling and climate change, and expanding the role of women in science and engineering. We were impressed by the confident way they approached their answers and how they worked together in answering our questions.

Our final meeting of the year will be at 10.00 on Tuesday 17 December in the Municipal Hall. Our guest will be Penny Dillon, who will be speaking on the local Scouts' recent trip to Japan. In keeping with our recent change of policy everyone is welcome to attend this meeting.

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