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19th November 2019 - The Forth & Clyde Canal, Past, Present and Future.

Tommy Lawton

On the 19th of November we were regaled by Tommy Lawton with a most interesting talk on "The Forth & Clyde Canal.from the start of the Canal which was an new innovative way of speeding up the journey between Glasgow and Edinburgh in the late 18th Century. The Canal runs from Bowling on the Clyde to Edinburgh. Along the way many businesses flourished on the new Canal, among them a foundry that made Red Telephone Boxes! Over the many years in the construction, money was always a problem, resulting in many changes of ownership. One of the stoppages was saved by the approbation of Jacobite funds! The Canal now covers 37 Miles and 39 locks. The Falkirk locks with the Wheel and the Kelpies now take the Canal into the Twenty First Century as a tourist attractions. In the 19th Century you could travel on Gig Passenger boats from 3d steerage rate, no mention of first class! The Canal went into a ruinous state but with the help of many young volunteers, the rubbish which had choked the whole area, was cleared and a dedicated band of management has given us one of the wonders of Scotland - not to be missed.

The Club will see the visit of The Young Person's Forum from Biggar High School on Tuesday 3rd December at 10am for 10.30am in the Municipal Hall.    This is an open meeting and all are welcome.

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