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19th February 2019 -  Feed the Minds - Transforming Lives

The president welcomed members to the meeting on Tuesday 19th February and introduced guest speaker George Lind whose talk was Feed the Minds – Transforming Lives. Feed the Minds is Christian Education Charity founded in 1964 which works, in partnership with local community organisations, to improve the lives of communities through training and education. The charity currently works on 10 projects around the world but our talk focussed on work in Sierra Leone, a country devastated by civil war and disease. Here they have helped establish 50 women led village farming co-operatives improving farming techniques and business skills, benefitting the lives of 2,500 people. The talk included case studies and videos showing the progress made and demonstrated the charity’s moto – “Education makes a world of difference”. Graham Stewart gave a vote of thanks. The next club meeting is Tuesday 5th March with talk entitled “The Hollow Mountain”

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